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Moving Toward Recovery


Moving Towards Recovery

NRP Landing Site Template

Created 15/03/13

 Moving Towards Recovery

To get help come in and talk to us.
You don’t need an appointment - we can do a full assessment straight away and discuss what the right treatment options will be for you. Just come to a drop in, call or email us.
Even if you think you are not ready to change yet we can offer advice about how to reduce your risks, and give practical help like needle exchange and immunisations. If you don’t want to come in to treatment you don’t have to give your name. 
If you want more detail about exactly what we offer click on What we do.

You have just made the first step in your recovery by opening this page. The next step, and every step you take towards recovery will be up to you. It may not always seem like you are moving forwards. Sometimes it might seem like you are going backwards or have hit a wall. At NRP there will always be people to help you move forwards - professional staff, volunteers and mentors (who started off just like you) as well as current service users who are in recovery.

Recovery Capital

Recovering from drug or alcohol problems is about more than just stopping using.  It's rebuilding (or building) your life and staying stopped that counts. To do  that you need what we call  Recovery Capital, there are 3 types of this;

Personal Recovery Capital – things like confidence, self-esteem, positive values, education, coping strategies, physical and mental health
Social Recovery Capital – things like a safe place to live, family, friends, colleagues
Community Recovery Capital – things like community activities, volunteering opportunities, jobs, community attitudes, culture
At NRP we will have staff and volunteers who can help you in all aspects of your recovery.
Whilst you are thinking about whether to contact us, reflect on this story
 1  - I walk down the street.
                           There is a deep hole in the road.
                           I fall in
                           I am lost , I am hopeless
                           It isn’t my fault
                           It takes me forever to find a way out.
2 - I walk down the same street.
                           There is a deep hole in the road.
                           I pretend I don’t see it.
                           I fall in again
                           I can’t believe I am in the same place
                           But it isn’t my fault
                           It still takes me a long time to get out.
 3 - I walk down the same street.
                           There is a deep hole in the road.
                           I see it is there
                           I still fall in - it’s a habit
                           My eyes are open
                           I know where I am
                           It is my fault
                           I get out immediately
4 - I walk down the same street
                           There is a deep hole in the road
                           I walk around it
From the Tibetan Book of living and dying - Rinpoche 1992