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How to get Involved


What is good for you is good for us!


 What is good for you is good for us!

Service user involvement forms an integral part of NRP.  Only by listening to and involving the people who use the service can we be sure that we are providing the best service we can.
Recovery is at the heart of all that NRP provides, which for service users means living your life without substance misuse problems. As part of helping service users achieve their recovery, we look at 'Recovery Capital'. The main areas that we look at as 'Recovery Capital' are:
  • Personal Recovery Capital – things like confidence, self-esteem, positive values, education, coping strategies, physical and mental health


  • Social Recovery Capital – things like family, friends, colleagues, support networks, partner, and children


  • Community Recovery Capital – things like community activities, volunteering opportunities, jobs, community attitudes, culture.


As you can see from the three areas above, getting involved as a service user, and then volunteering after you leave treatment, aids all three areas improving your chances of making a full and lasting recovery.