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Families and Friends


Affected Others

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Affected Others
At NRP we understand that families and carers are deeply affected by an individuals drug or alcohol misuse. We therefore seek to offer
·        Easily available support and advice about drug and alcohol use
·        Carers assessment to establish whether you need support in your own right
·        Carers groups which provide the opportunity for mutual support and also an opportunity to feedback your views to the service.
·        The opportunity to become involved (with their consent) to support the recovery journey of your loved one.
 Please be aware that we are a confidential service.  Whilst we are always happy to provide generic advice we cannot discuss individuals, without their consent, even with relatives.
For information on our locality addresses, please click here.
Other Services that  you may find helpful are: 
·         Unity Service for people aged 18 or under living in Norfolk and need support because of the use of drugs or alcohol by someone close to them 0800 970 4866 or
·         Al-anon - (for families and friends of people with alcohol problems)
·         Alcoholics Anonymous
Local Helpline: 01603 621128
National Helpline: 0845 7697555
·         Narcotics Anonymous Helpline: 0207 7300 009
·         FRANK 24hr Helpline: 0800 776600 ( for advice about specific drugs)
·         Mancroft Advice Project counselling for young people (MAP) 01603 766994
·         PADA Parents Against Drug Abuse Helpline: 08457 023 86718
·         Pottergate ARC 01603 663496 - drop in centre for rough sleepers
Please click on the link below for downloadable information on NRP Affected Others