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EasyRead Section


 EasyRead Section


We have a team of people who can give you extra help to get better from your drug or alcohol problems if you have learning difficulties.

If you have people who help you from other places (like learning disability services) we can work with them and your family too, if you want us to.
We are a confidential service. This means we will only talk about you with other services (or your family) if you say we can. 
If we think you need more help from other people for things like housing or money we can refer you, if you agree. 
All you need to do is come and see us  - click here for details
Or call us on 0300 7900 227 or you can ask your GP to refer you and we will send an appointment.
If people have real problems getting to us we can see them somewhere else.
If you have any complaints, or would like to ask us to do something differently or tell us we have done well, please follow this link.

There are some drugs that can be bad for your health

NRP has doctors and nurses who can help you to stop using dangerous drugs.
For some drugs, such as heroin; medicine can be given to help you stop using it.
For some drugs, such as cannabis and crack cocaine talking therapies can help.